About Us

Bol City Bol is the largest independent ad exchange offering an entirely transparent marketplace, direct access to superior campaign data and analytics and ultimately, greater control over what matters most results. Bol City Bol Creative goal is to not only capture the attention of the consumer but to engage them by using innovative and creative advertising solutions. We take branding strategy a step further to exceed marketing goals, creating top-of-the-mind recall and increasing consumer brand loyalty, thereby building long-lasting relationships between our clients and their consumers. BCB Exchange provides you, our publisher, a yield management solution. Our advertisers range from small local companies to world-wide advertising agencies, to demand side platforms, real time bidders, ad networks, and everyone in between. BOB makes it easy for you to have access to thousands of advertisers with minimal effort. Just tell us how much you need to sell your inventory for. We put your inventory up for auction in our exchange. If one of our client partners bids on your available inventory and it clears your floor, they buy it. Once we get paid, you get paid. Pretty simple. Also pretty profitable.


To help our advertisers and publishers make informed decisions we’ve created world-class reporting and analytics tools that put a face on the tens of thousands of variables tracked by BCB’s ad/listing serving technology. Our reporting interface is simple and easy to use and a nature extension of our traditional campaign management tool. Our analytics allow advertisers to drill down from high-level information across all campaigns (impressions served, click-through rates, cost-per-click) to granular data (conversion and revenue information, time of day analysis, 3rd party data insights). Ultimately, our reporting and analytics tools don’t just report on campaign information and data, but help answer the question “why?” when a particular site or campaign performs better than another. When BCB’s reporting pixel is placed on an advertiser page prior to a campaign our reporting tool provides the advertiser with visibility into visitors to their website and our special ad viewer system. Through optional values an advertiser can track several different metrics. Using the click and view values, for example, an advertiser can track campaigns on other exchanges or ad networks that are driving traffic to their site. This provides a baseline for either funnel analysis or activity comparisons. Using the cost value an advertiser can assign a basket value to a completed conversion, allowing for ROI tracking (view and click values can also take on CPM and CPCs allowing this to be done for external campaigns as well).


As a valued publisher partner in our exchange, you will have total control over your brand: You decide which advertisers will be able to advertise on your site. Each publisher has the option to manually review and approve or decline every advertiser prior to any ads appearing on your and our site. You determine how you want to work with BCB. You have complete flexibility as there are no up-front inventory or relationship commitments within our exchange. You have 100% access and visibility into your account 24/7 through our world-class reporting tools. Check on your eCPMs, take home earnings, and your CTRs and CPAs for every ad size and tag running within the GAS Exchange and make adjustments to your offerings at any time.